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The Uncommon School of Discipleship is connected to Lifehouse Church and is a 9 month intentional, immersive,  holistic, Jesus centered, Spirit empowered, and formational environment for anybody 18+ that desires to practice and grow in the uncommon life that Jesus offers.


USoD’s goal is to see graduating students do what Jesus said are the two greatest commandments: Love the Lord with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength…and to love your neighbor as yourself (Matthew 22:37-40). To facilitate this, students will participate in classes, receive spiritual direction, grow in emotional intelligence, learn about themselves and how God has wired them; commit to a plan to cultivate financial and physical well-being; and learn to better love others by serving in a ministry track within Lifehouse and serving outside of the church with various outreach initiatives.

If this sounds like something that interest you- check out the information below. If you’re still interested after reading the info, e-mail me at I’d be honored to talk about how we can help you discover, cultivate, and live the uncommon life that Jesus offers.

-Pastor John


  • Be a follower of Jesus

  • Be 18 or older

  • Have and hold down a full time life demand (job, school, parent, retired, etc) 

  • Be available at least two weekday nights per week for classes/groups

  • Participate in various Lifehouse outreaches and activities on select weekends

  • Be available on Sundays, 7:30AM-12:30PM

  • Follow through on assigned reading and other assignments

  • Purchasing a gym membership and commit to following a workout plan for at least 3 days per week; commit to learning about nutrition and striving to eat healthy

  • Willing to wrestle through how Jesus affects and applies to all areas of life

  • Learning what it takes to do effective ministry in a local church context

  • Being "all in" for 9 months and prioritizing personal and spiritual growth

What WILL I will learn at USOD?

  • By participating in monthly classes USoD students will  learn to rethink areas of life and culture in light of Jesus and His Kingdom. Some examples of the classes are:

    • Jesus and Discipleship

    • Jesus and Scripture

    • Jesus and Mental Health

    • Jesus and Vocation

    • Jesus and Sexuality

    • Jesus and Physical Health

  • Learn how to be emotionally and relationally healthy by:

    • exploring how you've been formed by your past (nature/nurture) and becoming self aware of potential harmful habits, hurts, or other hang ups

    • Learning how to properly identify and process emotions

    • Participating in individual spiritual direction sessions and counseling sessions if necessary

  • Learn how God has wired you practically and gifted you spiritually

  • Learn how to properly steward your time, physical health, and finances from a Gospel centered perspective

  • Learn how to be an effective ministry leader through coaching and hands on participation

USOD is a good fit for those who:

  • Desire a more intentional and holistic environment of training and spiritual formation, with the goal of becoming more like Jesus

  • Want to invest their "margin" time in something that will challenge and grow them

  • Want to get a taste of what ministry in a local church context feels/looks like

  • Aren't afraid to be challenged and think widely, deeply, Biblically, theologically, rationally, and practically about topics/issues

  • Want to develop a lifestyle of godly discipline in all areas of their lives

How much does USoD cost?

  • $1,500 to cover books/trips/other expenses

  • Practice giving to Lifehouse as a part of the Lifehouse Community

When does USOD Start/end?

September 8, 2024 - May 18, 2025

There will be fall/winter/spring breaks

USOD example schedule :


Sunday7:30-12:30PM- Lifehouse Church services

Tuesday: 6:30-9PM- Class

Wednesday: Possible serve opportunity based on ministry track you choose

Thursday: 6:30-9PM- Class

Select Saturdays: 9AM-12PM- Outreach

Completing assignments/readings will happen when your schedule allows.

How do you get accepted into USOD?

  • Fill out the application and submit any other necessary admission documents

  • Complete an admission interview with Pastor John

  • Complete LifeTrack and become a part of the Lifehouse Community 

  • Commit to the Uncommon "I Get To's."

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